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Residential Property Management

Committed to Excellence

Lloyd Richardson Ltd has professionally managed residential properties since the early 1990s in the greater Wellington area.  

We handle all aspects of residential management including:

  • Leasing Viewings

  • Weekend call outs

  • Arranging repairs and maintenance

  • Inspections

  • Rent monitoring

  • Tenancy Tribunal attendance.

We have established excellent relationships with a variety of specialist tradespeople and we all work together in the best interests of our clients. Many of our tradespeople have been working on our clients' properties for many years and have built up an in depth knowledge of the properties. This co-collaboration leads to pragmatic and sensible solutions when working on your property.  

  • Full Service management for clients who wish to be completely hands-off with their residential rental properties. We will handle all matters including leasing, inspections, rent checking, compliance matters, maintenance, improvements/renovations.

  • Tailored management for clients who wish to handle some aspects of their rental properties. We find some owners like to arrange their own maintenance or monitor their own rents. We can offer a tailored service to meet the client's needs.

Residential Property Management: Services
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